Can you really earn a full time income working part time on Fiverr and starting from scratch? Yes!

Can you really earn a full time income working part time on Fiverr and starting from scratch? Yes!

The most popular question I get asked? What if you were starting from scratch and didn’t have a huge budget.. what would you do?

Most “gurus” will only give you lip service and tell you things like they’d find a passionate niche and make a product. Don’t you want something that you don’t already know? Wouldn’t it be nice to see them walk the walk?

Well that exactly what I did and I’m taking you with me step by step on this journey…

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A couple of months ago I challenged myself to start a new business from scratch. Without using my list, without using my connections, without using my existing products and only spending an hour per day.

Earnings Update:

Since I started this experiment I am at $16,289.21 total profit (that’s my take after Fiverr’s 20% commission)


We are half way through the month: Jan 16 at this recording. So far I am at $2,120.


Here’s the daily breakdown:


Fiverr levels:

New Sellers:

  • 7 active gigs
  • 2 gig extras

Achieve Level 1:

  1. 30 days active on Fiverr
  2. Complete 10 orders
  3. Maintain 4 star rating

Level 1:

  • 15 active gigs
  • 4 gig extras

Achieve Level 2:

  1. Complete 50 orders in 2 consecutive months
  2. Maintain 4.5 star rating

Level 2:

  1. 20 active gigs
  2. 5 gig extras

Top Rated Seller:

These are hand picked by Fiverr

How do I pick a niche?

  • Don’t over think it
  • Go through the other gigs and find something you can do and try it! You have 7 gigs to play with.
  • Focus on 1 you really like when you are getting started. The goal is to get to Level 2 as quickly as possible.
  • Once you are Level 2 then you can experiment.

So how do I get to Level 1 the fastest?

    • Remember the goal is to get 10 sales as fast as possible
    • Social proof makes sales on fiverr balanced with instant gratification
    • Level
    • Reviews (ask your buyers for reviews when you deliver)

Here is your requested ____________, I have uploaded _______ file for you.Please favorite my gig and let me know if you need any more help on this project or any future projects.Also can you take just 2 seconds to give me a five star review? It really means a lot to my business.

Thanks again for your business!

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  • Buyer Requests | Under your name | Settings | Buyer requests


Fiverr Series First Episode: Click Here To Listen

If you have a question or a comment or just want to get in touch with Lance, you can find him at his website, He loves to hear from his listeners!

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