3 Strategies You Can Implement Today That Will Boost Your Business Overnight!

3 Strategies You Can Implement Today That Will Boost Your Business Overnight!

Ever heard the sales cliché: know, like and trust?

It’s one thing to be told you need to build a relationship with your customers and prospects, but do you ever feel lost as to how to actually implement a strategy to accomplish it?

Well today I am going to show you some fool proof techniques that EVERYONE should be using in their business to increase sales, loyality, branding, retention and customer lifetime value

Have you ever heard of this marketing cliché: know, like and trust? Like most advice and cliché’s in the marketing world it sure makes a lot of sense in a fun place called theory land but it sort of dies when you get to actually implementing it.

Most people think they are building “Know, Like and Trust” because… “they give great content”..

The truth is EVERYONE gives great content these days, so big deal.

You NEED to be different. You NEED to stand out.

Especially if you are just starting or if your list is not as big as you like. The reason that you aren’t making as much money as you is NOT because your list is not big or not enough people know about you.

You can make an incredible living off a TINY list IF you know how to take a full advantage of it and build a true relationship with those people.

So how do you do that?

The obvious things all work:

1) Give great content (it’s a given everyone does that)
2) Send emails regularly (regularly is KEY!)
3) Do webinars, podcasts, video (allowing people to hear your voice, see you and connect with you goes a long way in created a solid relationship with your prospects and customers)

All of these are great methods and I highly encourage you to do all them. But let’s face it. There a lot of obstacles to implementing a lot of these, and for a lot of us, it can feel like a waste if it “feels like no one is paying attention”

So, I want to give you some concrete methods you need to implement into your business TODAY that will immediately increase your results so that you content, emails, webinars, podcasts and videos are MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more effective.

3 Strategies You Need to Implement TODAY!

1. Introduce yourself IMMEDIATELY to new prospects.

This means that AS SOON as they opt-in to your email list you introduce yourself. Not after they double optin, not after they read your email, not after they download your product. IMMEDIATELY!

When I first started building my list I noticed that every squeeze page that I registered for did one of two things:

1. Sent me to a page that said to “check my email” and confirm – I did that about 50% of the time.

2. Sent me to a download page with link after link and affiliate promotion and sales pitches and everything else hoping I would buy something

Quick question (email marketing 101) – What is the highest converting subject line of all time?

The goal of every email marketer is to have a high open and click thru rate right?

For the answer I can look to the 3 greatest email marketers of ALL time. My mom, my wife and my sister. Why? Because without question I open EVERY email they have ever sent to me and I click on every link they have ever sent to me. You probably know some of the greatest email marketers of all time.

So back to the original question: What is the highest converting subject line of all time?

Before I give you the answer I want you to think about your email inbox real quick. Do you use Gmail? Outlook? Hotmail? Yahoo? Rocketmail? AOL?

It really doesn’t matter. Now think about how they are laid out. From left to right what do you see?

10 times out 10 the first thing you see is the FROM field and then the SUBJECT field.

So why do my mom, wife and sister get a 100% open and click thru rate from me? The answer is “Know, Like and Trust”

The truth is your subject line matters some, but it has very little to do with your open rate.

So, back to my original point. Make sure you introduce yourself to your new prospects AS SOON as possible. Do something that will make you stand out to INCREASE the chance that they will remember you when you send them an email!

How do you do this?

1. Make a simple head video
2. Make a simple audio
3. Put your picture on the page
4. Make sure they get whatever was promised
5. Ask for feedback
6. ANYTHING different

2. Pick up the phone

Want to WOW and surprise your buyers? One of my favorite things to do is to call them IMMEDIATELY after they purchase something.

Talk about surprising someone and making sure they remember you. Give them a call.

We deliver all of our products (paid and even some free) through membership sites. Once someone logs into the site we show them a screen that requests their mailing address and phone number.

This screen shows up every time they log in until they fill it out.



We use a plugin called WP Kunaki.

Yes, some people put in fake information, but the majority actually put in real addresses and phone numbers.

As soon as they fill in the form, the site sends me an email with the address and phone information.

If I can, I immediately call the person using the number they provided. Sometimes I can’t call immediately and sometimes we have too many sales to call everyone. But I do my best to call as many as I can. Especially if I happen to see the email with details come in.

Here’s how the call goes:

“Hi, this is Lance Tamashiro from WP Kunaki.com. I just saw that you purchased our plugin and I just wanted to call to thank you for purchase and also to make sure you were able to successfully login to the members area.

If you have any issues, I wanted to let you know that you can always get our assistance at www.wpkunaki.com/support.

By the way. I just wanted to make sure that the address you entered is correct. I have a small thank you gift I like to send.”

Now why do I like to call immediately?

1. I know they are sitting at their computer. They just bought on their computer.
2. They are shocked that someone would call them, especially the product creator after they purchased something. This builds the Know, Like and Trust
3. I know that they got into the members area successfully and that they won’t have any questions. So this is a quick call
4. I can confirm we have a valid address

Here’s some free / low-cost ways to make calls:

1) Google Voice – google.com/voice
2) Skype – Unlimited US and Canada - $2.99/month. Unlimited World wide $13.99/month

So now we’ve discussed 2 easy ways that you can immediately increase your relationship with your prospects and customers immediately. Now let’s look at a simple method you can use to provide an even better experience for your customer.

3. Send a thank you

Since your contact now knows who you are and has seen your face and heard your voice. It is now time to solidify this relationship with them by sending them a special thank you for their purchase in the mail.

Remember our phone call and, if for some reason you decided NOT to call (but I know you won’t do that) you still have their mailing address from your WP Kunaki plugin. Remember, you can use this for your free listbuilding and optin pages as well as for your paid products and services.

Now send something in the mail to them. But here is the important part. Send something they are not expecting and something they can’t throw in the junk pile. Remember our goal is to blow our new customer away even if it dips into our profits.

So here is what I like to do to make sure my “thank you gets opened”. I send a customized thank you card with the logo of the product they bought along with a goodie. This is typically a couple of brownies for smaller purchases ($7-$97). The great thing about this is it is fast and cheap to do. For this I use a service called DoubleAgentCards.com. To send this card and brownie pack in the US is about $5.


Create custom cards and save them to use over and over



You have so many cool options for gifts



Brownies and a custom card being sent to the USA


No brainer decision right?

So if you really want to take your business to the next level or build it faster than you ever thought possible and if you want to become a marketing master overnight implement these 3 strategies into your business today.

If you have a question or a comment or just want to get in touch with Lance, you can find him at his website, www.lancetamashiro.com/ask. He loves to hear from his listeners!

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