Watch Me Build A Brand New Business From Scratch With No Product, List Or Traffic ALL From Scratch On Fiverr

Watch Me Build A Brand New Business From Scratch With No Product, List Or Traffic ALL From Scratch On Fiverr

Do you have an amazing product or service but struggle getting targeted traffic, making sales, writing sales copy or even getting a website set up?

Do you wish someone would actually give a REAL answer to the question “What would you do if you had to start over from scratch?”

I decided that instead of giving you a bunch of theory I’d actually do it, document it and share my results with you real time…

And that’s exactly what I did and I’m taking you with me step by step on this journey…

Starting From Scratch Series Second Episode: Click Here To Listen

A couple of months ago I challenged myself to start a new business from scratch. Without using my list, without using my connections, without using my existing products and only spending an hour per day.

Earnings Update:

Since I started this experiment I am at $18,706.01 total profit (that’s my take after Fiverr’s 20% commission)


Here’s how I ended the month of January…

Total sales revenue: $5,272.00
Total tips revenue: $59.00
Total commission paid to Fiverr: $1064.20
Total profit: $4,256.80

Total Orders: 395
Avg revenue/order: $13.50

Here’s the daily breakdown:


I used to think Fiverr was a joke of a place to be listed and sell products. That is until I realized that it is THE PERFECT platform to build a business.

Over the past 3 months my “salespage” has seen
Over 1.1 million impressions
Over 21 thousand clicks
Over 32 thousand views
Over 1 thousand orders


1. Don’t have to worry about any of the technical stuff (just fill in the blank and you have a product/service listed)
2. Built in traffic – buyer traffic
3. What?! They take 20%!!!! Don’t need to pay for advertising, don’t need to pay for hosting, don’t need to pay for product delivery.. It’s a steal!
4. Not building a list – 75% of my customers are now repeat buyers. I can still message them through the messaging system and they can favorite me and find me later.
5. No need to learn or worry about copywriting my overall conversion rate is 5.8%!!!!

6. Fiverr actually wants you to succeed!

How do I pick a niche?

I go over this in depth in the previous episode of this series.
- Don’t over think it
- Go through the other gigs and find something you can do and try it! When your getting started you have 7 gigs to play with.

Lessons Learned:

1) Once you have a gig that is doing well it is time to start creating OTHER gigs that can act as feeders to your main gig.
2) Customer support. I can’t stress enough how important this is.
a. Use canned responses: When someone orders and when you deliver your order
b. Be polite at all costs
3) Avoid any problem customers up front. It’s better to send them to someone else than end up with a big problem on your hands down the road.
4) Do not offer discounts to get more sales


Starting From Scratch Series Second Episode: Click Here To Listen

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