Master the Art of the Joint Venture with Daniel Hall

Master the Art of the Joint Venture with Daniel Hall

Today on the Lance Tamashiro show, Lance meets Daniel Hall - a serial entrepreneur with a wide diverse of interests as well as being an excellent online trainer. He is without doubt a master of the joint-venture.

So what is a joint-venture?

Daniel describes it as being when one entrepreneur gets together with another business that most importantly holds the same values in terms of operations and customer treatment. He feels that joint-venture is one of the fastest ways to grow your business because when you have a joint venture, you can essentially align yourself with somebody who already has a community, which in itself is a much stronger marketing method then either Facebook ads or the like. In fact a joint venture partner putting you or your product/service in front of his/her community is instant credibility.

Daniel feels the most important thing is to make sure you align with the right people and that you treat the people that this partner brings in like gold and ensure the best of care for them. In doing this you ensure that your joint-venture partner looks good.

Daniel's approach to joint ventures:

He will only bring in one maybe two people a year because he intends to do business with them for the rest of his business life, and he wants to be able to focus time on them.

Everything Daniel tries to bring to his joint ventures revolves around trying to make his partners lives more abundant, and that doesn’t always necessarily just revolve around money.

Money is a welcome by-product when everything else in a joint venture is right.

Daniel feels that the size of your list is not important, its the relationship you build with the people on your list. When somebody new comes onto his list Daniel does his utmost to treat them the same way as if they were going to remain a business partner for the rest of their life. A person is a person - not a number. In the final analysis it is a people business - not a computer business. People make decisions.

Daniel Hall does a lot of webinars. He understands and values peoples time, and he takes the unusual approach of telling people up front that there will be a pitch at the end of it, and you should leave now if you feel this next hour or so will be a waste of your time.  Through this honesty and up front method he finds that people appreciate the heads up, and he still maintains a good level of sales through the webinars. He feels that if you are giving value in your webinars you have earned the right to make an offer to the attendees at the end of the session.

Lance’s approach of ‘show people how to do something the hard way, and then sell them a method to do it the easy way’ is one that Daniel agrees with.

Daniels cool tool tips:

  • Snagit - a screen capture software that can be used to make cool images for a myriad of uses.
  • Adobe Voice - one of the easiest ways to put together a VSL (Video Sales Letter). It is an iPad / iPhone only app.

Find out and learn more:

  • Visit for a step by step video tutorial on how to take your blog and post it to Kindles platform.
  • Review this podcast and send a copy to Daniel, and he will give you a free pass to Daniels Udemy course - ‘How to get real fast results from any online course you take’. Go to and send them your review!
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