Productivity: Get More Done in Less Time

Productivity: Get More Done in Less Time

Do you wonder if anyone actually lives the internet marketing lifestyle?

In today’s podcast, Lance tells you about 2 significant tools to help you manage and excel at productivity.

One thing that everyone wants is time. Although a lot of people get into internet marketing because they say they want money-the REAL draw is time. They essentially want the money that will ALLOW them to have the time to do things they enjoy-such as being with their family, engaging in their hobbies and doing other things that they enjoy.

Too many of us are “working to live”.   This means we are spending ever increasing times working so that we can live but then we have to work to sustain that lifestyle. Lance wants to show you how you can get your internet marketing business successful so that you can cut back and/or omit that “9 to 5” and have more time to yourself while making money.

Productivity Helper #1: The Rule of Four (4DT)

What are the 4 most important things I have to do TODAY to keep my business up and running?

  • Change the way you think about your tasks
  • Trust that you know what needs to happen to be successful in your business
  • Stop planning every minute of every day ALL day. If something goes awry or takes longer than anticipated, your entire plan is shot. This is not effective for you and your business.

INSTEAD, choose 4 tasks each day.

Choose 4 things that need to get done. 3 of these are going to be things that you can do at one sitting that take approx. 45-60 minutes all together.

Then, your 4th item is a “gimme”-something that’s real quick and easy.

This means even if you do nothing else all day, you got FOUR things done toward moving your business forward

Time and again, Lance has seen the evidence that the magic number IS four-people that don’t stick to the 4 things get burned out. No burn out=MORE PRODUCTIVITY!!

When you break down all of your responsibilities, business obligations, etc. , into four per day, at the end of the month you’ve done 120 things!!!   Imagine how successful and motivated you will fee!!!

Note: Not everyone’s four tasks will be the same. Some people are better at certain tasks than others. Break them down until you have 3 that you know won’t go beyond the 45-60 minutes. As you advance and learn more, you will find that something that took you 45 minutes at the beginning of your business, might only take you 10 minutes by the time your 30 day time frame has gone by.

Productivity Helper # 2: Google Calendar

This is for things you don’t want cluttering up your head but that you want to remember

Ex: Dr’s. appointments, kids’ sports activities

Do not overstuff it with “tasks” and notes-then you will never look at it and it defeats the purpose.

This is only supposed to be so you can remember essential activities and make sure you do not over-schedule

Additionally, if you have a business partner, you can have a shared Google calendar it automatically syncs to both of you

Now you don’t have to have a meeting about an upcoming meeting! You just know where and when to be there and voila-cleared up your head so you can move on with other things.

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