How To Build A Solid Income Stream Fast Using Fiverr

How To Build A Solid Income Stream Fast Using Fiverr

An online strategy for earning significant income when you’re starting from scratch

Do you wish there was a way to build solid income with minimal traffic?

Do you have your whole online system set-up but still struggle with finding targeted buying traffic?

Do you know for a fact that you could succeed with your online dream if you could just get your foot in the door?

Do you wish you could easily earn $1000+ a month so you could fund your new passive online business?

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr ( is an online marketplace where you can offer virtually any product or service for sale.

You can do anything from handing out fliers to producing graphic designs to editing audio/video.

Basic sales start at $5 but can go up into the hundreds or even more.

The Myth and The Reality of Fiverr

At first, Lance ignored Fiverr because it looked like a lot of work to earn $5-that was not the internet dream he signed up for!

The reality is that very few sales are actually at $5-the average is closer to $20 to $50 per order.

Lance’s Fiverr Experiment

Once he realized the breadth of what you could offer (anything!) and the pricing options, he decided to have a little experiment to see what would happen.

He created a gig to see what would happen-he didn’t leverage his name or his other businesses.

He simply went and found some popular gigs and copied their description to see if he would get any traffic.

In just 4 short months, he went from a handful of sales in his first month to $1650 earnings in ONE month-it really works!

The Strategy

In his first month, he did nothing proactive and he averaged about one sale a week.

But, he saw his peers in the same space getting 20 or 30 sales lined up at a time-he wanted to crack the code.

In his 2nd month, he installed the Fiverr app on his smartphone and left it at “online” all the time.

That resulted in his sales going up considerably and he earned about $500 from making that small change.

In his 3rd month, he started answering messages from potential buyers immediately.

Combined with delivering all of his orders on time, those 2 adjustments grew his earnings to $900 in that month.

He just finished his 4th month yesterday with earnings of $1650 in that ONE month!

In addition to his previous changes, he started asking his buyers to leave positive feedback and, in turn, he responded to them personally and thanked them for their continued business.

On average, he spends about an hour per day fulfilling Fiverr gig orders. His average order is $10 and they take just a few minutes each. He can literally earn a few hundred in just one day.

The ‘Gig’ Economy

You can start on Fiverr with literally “nothing” and grow your business into significant earning potential each and every month.

Most of Lance’s Fiverr business is now coming from repeat clients. Why?

It’s about good customer service! Buyers appreciate how you treat them.

Provide a good-quality product or service.

Deliver on time.

Thank them for their business.

Tip: The more positive feedback you have and the more you engage with your buyers, the higher you will rank in the Fiverr system which results in your gig being shown to more potential customers.

Today’s Take-Aways for Fiverr Success

Find some gigs that look popular and copy them.

Install the app. Whenever someone messages you, answer them immediately

Always deliver on time and request your buyers to leave feedback.

Deliver personalized service and thank buyers for their business.

Start Your Very Own Fiverr Success Story Today!

If you have a question or a comment or just want to get in touch with Lance, you can find him at his website, He loves to hear from his listeners!

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