Online Sales – How to Have More Sales. Happy Customers, Less Refunds and Repeat Buyers

Online Sales – How to Have More Sales. Happy Customers, Less Refunds and Repeat Buyers

Have you ever been presented with an online product sales pitch that’s left you feeling so confused you have no idea what it is that’s actually for sale?

Lance gives you a major tip that will help you avoid this problem in your own product sales and increase your conversion rate.

It’s called The One Sheet (or The Stack) and you need to be implementing it in everything that you are selling online.

Frequently, online product sellers will present a webinar, a sales video or a sales page that will go on and on with bonus after bonus after bonus.

The seller is attempting to use a strategy that in all those things, they’re hoping something will stick and it will be the one thing that you really want to buy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work and all this does is confuse the buyer.

What is The One Sheet (The Offer Stack)?

It is literally ONE sheet (or webinar slide or sales page) that lists EVERYTHING in your product/program.

Put yourself in the position of the buyer when you are buying a car. When you go to the lot, the salesperson doesn’t come up and start listing for 20 minutes all the features of the vehicle. INSTEAD, all of the car’s options and features, along with their prices, are listed on ONE sheet in the window.

Then, at the bottom of the one sheet, there is a bottom line price and then a YOU PAY TODAY price that is less expensive.

Why is this tool so effective?

Ask yourself: when does any buyer purchase something?

What really makes someone buy a product is if they are paying less than what they perceive the item is worth.


Although Lance may have a product with several slides, at the end of each module, he does a One Sheet that shows everything in ONE place. A buyer needs to know everything they are getting in one package.

For webinars: put at least one slide over and over between bonuses, etc. that shows EVERYTHING on it that you’re offering. Your potential customer can see how it adds up.

For video sales letters use the same thing.

For sales pages, you DO want to have a link after every bonus that they can click on. BUT, then when it drops down to the order form, there should be one table that stands out that lists every single component.

**There is a perfect example of this at

Final Thoughts

Do NOT confuse your customer. If you can’t show them everything in one place that you’ve talked about, they will end up not believing you, feeling less comfortable and trusting of you, and this will decrease your conversion rate.

Your job is to make it crystal clear what you are offering, what they are receiving and what the value is as compared to what they are paying for it. THAT will encourage faith in you, your product and will result in an increased conversion rate.

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