Product Creation – Create A Best Selling Digital Product

Product Creation – Create A Best Selling Digital Product

Have you ever wondered how people are cranking out best- selling products repeatedly and what is their formula for doing that?
Do you have an idea for a best-selling product but you can’t implement it because you’re afraid people won’t love it?

In this episode, Lance will show you how you can provide best-selling products repeatedly that people will love every time.

There are always a few elements present in all of the great products and there are always a few elements that the poor products are missing.

The essential question that you need to ask is “What does the customer get?”

The answer should always be that you are getting your customer from Point A to Point B.

When your customer is thinking about buying your product, they are at Point A.
When your customer is finished consuming your product, they will be at Point B.

Lance uses a 4 module system. We are going to be using his programs, Membership Cube and Webinar Crusher, to illustrate his best-practices module setup.

Lance’s 4-Module System

Module 1: The “Immediate Result” module. Give the buyer a huge bang for their buck.

In the Membership Cube (online membership training) at the end of the first 2 hour session, the customer has a site online, the sites takes payments and it has sales copy.

In Webinar Crusher (webinar training) Module 1 the customer will have set up an actual webinar, have recorded a small webinar, promoted a product, and know all the techniques for how to run a successful webinar.

Module 2: The “Want” module. Give the buyer the most exciting result.  

This is what really drew your customer to the product. This is what they were after. In Membership Cube, this is teaching them how to have and run a recurring membership site.

 Module 3: The “Long Term Benefit” Module. Give them what they need.

This is the less glamorous but necessary element that teaches them how to maintain and expand on the material you are teaching them. You are providing to them the tools they need to keep being successful.

In Membership Cube, this includes learning how to write copy,
In Webinar Crusher this shows the customer how to create the “sales pitch”.

Module 4: The “Next Steps” Module. Give them what they need to progress and develop.

This is the final module, the one that shows them how to go even further . This is where you can include case studies and Q & A’s.

Lance’s Final Thought:

Most courses never get to what they promised on the sales page, or at the very best, put in the result at the very end.

If you put the promise up front you will stand out, you will build customer trust and loyalty, and you will give your promised results.

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