SEO, Analytics, Copywriting & Website Traffic – Charles Manuel

SEO, Analytics, Copywriting & Website Traffic – Charles Manuel

Charles Manuel started his professional career in Wealth Management, working his way up from an entry level position in Junior Sales to a Vice President Wealth Advisor in about one year. After some time as a high performer, he realized his desire to branch out on his own.

Since then Charles has immersed himself into the world of Web Analytics, SEO, and Copywriting and as a result successfully started taking on clients as Berkshire SEO. This small business focuses on helping other small businesses--online and off-- see the real value in a strong online marketing plan.

Charles has worked with  clients like Whirled Creative: who creates videos for Google and Nike,and also fitness trainers, plumbers, carpenters, store fronts, and many other types of companies who want to learn about online marketing, and how to effectively use it for their own business.


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