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Fred Gleeck has been around and involved with internet marketing since the very beginning.

Fred was actually the one who gave Yanik Silver his first big break speaking at a seminar in front of a large group of people in 2001. In fact, Fred was doing offline information marketing since 1983.

He suggests that if you can create a tool that appeals to a certain niche of people and that they buy into to become an indispensable part of their business then you have them hooked in. He quotes an example of one tool that he uses that has made him over 1 million dollars! Lance relates how he feels that a big error people make is that they think that software is the only way to create these tools when it can in fact also be a website that performs a task that automates something.

Fred tells us of a real estate seminar where somebody gave him an idea. He went home, spoke to his developer, made the simple website and the very next day walked back into the seminar and related the URL to the gathered crowd and got instant signups - a simple website, the equivalent of software.

Rather then try to make a million dollars in 90 days, Fred suggests why not find enough money to pay a utility bill and automate it every month, then find a way to pay a car payment… etc… So then if you have quite a number of sources of revenue if one goes bust, it doesn’t matter so much as you have many other sources.

Fred shares that his next book is called ‘Don’t Focus’ - which basically explores how we can only focus on one thing at a time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to focus on one thing for our entire time!

Fred’s business model is based on the fact that he’s an extrovert - he loves being around people. He needed a way to work with people, so he adjusted this business model to concentrating on people in fields who nothing about marketing or information marketing. He also only wants to work with people that he would like to have dinner with on a regular basis!

Lance points out that Fred bases his business model on finding people who are already successful, and the pros of that particular setup. Fred points out the negative side to his methodology is that a lot of people that he works with don’t actually make it.

Fred quotes the example of Travel SCROOGE - a site for budget traveling. The guy who owned the site came to him with no success, but it was really down to the fact that he wasn’t doing anything to help himself. Fred cajoled him into setting up a YouTube channel and getting a daily video up to assist people find a great deal - a one minute tip video, and Lance makes the point that this one minute tip is an ideal length for people to consume short quick information on a daily basis - its not too long , and people always have a minute to spare!

Lance discusses how to micro-niche a niche. He tells how his training doesn’t show a client how to set up a website, it trains a client to use his product to set up a website. 95% of your market is newbies - people forget this.

Fred brings up a great story about a person who was an expert in napkin folding - and how he made the mistake of assuming that nobody would be interested in this - the statistics shocked him. This taught him never to presume he knows everything about what people are actually interested in.

A great tip from Lance about how to increase sales on Fiverr - specifically in the voice over field - is to tell people that you are actually ‘the best’ voice over artist on Fiverr. People search for this, and will find you from this. From this the point that naturally follows is that if you want to be the expert - tell people you are the expert.


If you have a question, comment, show or guest idea or just want to get in touch with Lance, you can contact him here. He loves to hear from his listeners!

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