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Why You Need to Embrace the “S” Word – Dan Englander


Dan Englander is the Founder of Sales Schema, where helps his clients win more deals and grow their existing accounts. Previously he was the first employee at the animation studio IdeaRocket, where he brought the firm from zero to seven-figures, including dozens of Fortune 500s. He's the author of Mastering Account Management and The B2B Sales Blueprint.  He lives in New York. 

  • Learn how to become and embrace being a great sales person
  • How to change your mindset towards "sales"
  • You can be a salesperson WITHOUT being "that person"
  • Your customers are now more informed then ever - this changes everything
  • How to qualify your leads without "grabbing" for them
    • Is there long term growth opportunity?
    • Ease of sale - do you need to educate them?
    • Unique leverage - solving their problems in a way no one else can
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships AFTER the sale
  • Pre-bake follow-up
  • How to manage scheduled follow-up
  • Remove "Just checking in"