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Using LinkedIn to Boost Your Sales, Generate Leads and Make More Money With Mike Shelah

LinkedIn Success With Mike Shelah LinkedIn

Mike Shelah LinkedIn

Mike Shelah explains some unique ways to use the power of LinkedIn to increase traffic, grow your client list and make more sales.

ABC's for Success Using LinkedIn

  1. Always Be Connecting
  2. Always Be Cultivating
  3. Always be Customizing

Once you’ve built and optimized your profile customers will be attracted to you passively - but its an important starting point to ask the question ‘what words would I use to search for me if I was a customer looking for my product’. Its a good idea to drop these words into your profile scattered amongst your posts, your headlines etc..

LinkedIn Prospect Search

CIO is a great job description for potential clients. If you search CIO on LinkedIn you will get hundreds of thousands, but your optimal sphere of influence should be maybe 100 to 150 people. Once you have your CIO list, go to the settings tab and click on second degree connection - those are people who know people who know you, and this refines the list down. You can click tabs to refine by geography, industry to get an even more specific list. From this refined list then picking out the CIO’s that you have 10 or more mutual contacts with - that increases the likelihood of getting an appointment to meet them through these mutual contacts. The key to this is Mikes second ABC - ‘Always be Cultivating’, followed by his third ABC - ‘Always be Customizing’. Customize a personal message to these people.

Everyone of Mikes big sales one the last 4 years has been the result of somebody making an introduction on his behalf - despite some of these people thinking there was no point in even meeting Mike.

Lance discusses the advantage of using LinkedIn for searching by job titles, job descriptions etc as opposed to Facebook where it is mainly possible to search by name only.

LinkedIn makes it easy to manage and build contacts and relationships

  • Go to any event and meet a person, come home, reach out and connect with that person
  • Click on the reminder on their profile to remind you to reach out and follow up with them on whatever frequency you feel appropriate
  • When you log into your LinkedIn profile you will get a reminder about birthdays, events, anniversaries, article posts - react to and engage with these.

As Lance points out - its networking for people who may not necessarily know how to network!

Tools & Services:

Zoom Info - for a free account will allow you to get contact details for up to 10 executives per month.
data.com - formerly Jigsaw - is a crowdsourced platform that works on a point basis. You can spend these points to research people, and you can earn points as well by inputting information to the database.

Connect with Mike Shelah:

Twitter and Instagram - @mikeshelah
Facebook - Mike Shelah Consulting
and obviously - he’s also on LinkedIn
At Mikes Website there is a free 12 point plant to help optimize your LinkedIn profile

If you have a question, comment, show idea or just want to get in touch with Lance, you can contact him here.

He loves to hear from his listeners!

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