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Selling On Webinars & Structuring Your Pitch – Fred Gleeck


  • How to do a joint venture / affiliate webinar
    • Create and deliver swipe emails for the promoter
    • Do the webinar as close to the email promotion as possible
    • Landing page must have both the promoter AND the presenters name
    • promoter should introduce to transfer authority
  • Pitch webinars
    • Keep it short! It's about the audience
    • Introduction (3-5 minutes)
    • Mindset shift / personal development / problem solving ... (15 minutes)
    • Teaching (20-30 minutes) - SHOW EVERYTHING!!! Something "complete"
    • Close WITH stack / one sheet (10-15 minutes)
  • Getting over the FEAR of doing something
    • Focus on the next step
    • Get a coach to "hold your hand"
    • Remember a time you did something hard. You can do hard things!
    • Don't "future trip"
  • Email Marketing
    • How are you "training" your list?