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Email Marketing, Paid Traffic, Leverage What You Have, Voice Over & More! Fred Gleeck


  • Why are you building an email list if you are NOT mailing?
  • Afraid of "unsubscribes"? GOOD!
  • Why you should have a focused campaign so that you can mail more and earn more!
  • How social media has changed the email marketing game and why you can have a smaller email list.
  • Why controversy is good and how your "competitors" will sell more of YOUR products for you!
  • You need to put your products in front of your prospects over and over again.
  • Start building your retargeting list NOW. Even if you're not ready.
  • How to get started with paid ads
  • Why you want to IGNORE your price per click!
  • Why you might want to spend $20/click INSTEAD of .05/click
  • You need a cash flow positive business NOW!
  • Reuse your current content to build your list and make more money for FREE