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5 Mistakes Your Making On Your Website – Tom Reidy

TRThomas Reidy helps the entrepreneur whose top priority is rapidly building a profitable client base, while eliminating costly marketing and sales mistakes. He is the author of the book: “How to Rapidly Double (Or Better!) Your Client Base.”

Tom is with us today to share 5 deadly reasons why your website doesn’t turn visitors into clients.

Thomas M. Reidy has been a client acquisition specialist for over 32 years. He is the author of “How to Rapidly Double (Or Better!) Your Client Base.” And, has written dozens of published articles about selling and business development including:

  • 30-Seconds to Power Networking
  • Close More Sales by Reversing
  • Sell Me This Pen
  • How to Command Premium Fees in Consulting
  • The Overlooked Secret to Bonding and Rapport

In just under 18-months, he took a startup division of a nationally well-known financial service firm from zero to number one in the country for Sales Rep Per-Capita Earnings. His secret? He trained the sales force on how to bring in quality new clients through win-win selling. He is frequently asked to give talks about client acquisition, sales and business development issues.