The Real Secret To Internet Marketing Success

The Real Secret To Internet Marketing Success

Did you know that there’s one secret that every single business on the planet uses
to increase sales, keep customers coming back
and guarantee growth?

Everyone starting a new business is told the same clichés over and over by the “gurus”-

“The Money’s in the List”

“People only buy from who they know, like, and trust”

This where a lot of the “disconnect” happens when people try to come online and build a business.

Let’s Talk about “Know, Like and Trust”

While this old adage may be true, the real question is “how do I get someone to know, like and trust me? How do I build that relationship with my brand and my customers?”

One of the things Lance always likes to do when talking about marketing is to look at offline companies. Look at the brands that we’re all familiar with, who actually implement the same types of strategies, and then look at how you can apply them to your own personal business.

MODELING: looking at what a company is doing that is already successful and incorporating it into your business

So, let’s take an example: think about your favorite restaurant chain. Why are they so popular? It’s because when someone goes there they’re all going to look the same no matter what geographical area you’re in--it’s familiar (the “know”). There are dishes you want and every storefront has the same menu (the “like”). When you order, you can almost be guaranteed it’s going to taste the same (the “trust”).   This is the same way in almost any industry-i.e. Target has the same store layout all across the U.S.

How can you implement this in your online business?

If you have multiple products, you want to make sure that the sales funnels are the same across the board.
For example, Lance uses PayPal across the board for payment options.

Ensure that the sales/landing pages look the same across the board and that navigation through your pages is the same. Lance uses a software product called

Always deliver with the same look and feel.

You want your products to come similarly packaged. If you have multiple digital information products you deliver online, try to ensure they all have the same number of modules, for instance. If you deliver a physical digital item, make sure you use consistent labeling and packaging.

But, How Do You Get That First Sale?

So many people miss out with their internet marketing business-they have a great idea, a great message, and a great product but for some reason they can’t seem to make sales or they can’t get over that hump of making repeat sales.

When Lance first started out, the internet marketing business really appealed to him because he thought he could hide behind the computer.   He thought all he had to do was put up a web page with a buy button and the sales would start rolling in.

What he found out really quickly was that was not the case at all. He found that he could easily build up Facebook fans and Twitter followers, but what he couldn’t do was convert them to buyers and get them to pay attention to his message.

There are a couple strategies he employed that changed the game for him pretty quickly.

One Little Optin Page Tweak

At a time when many people have just an Opt-In page with an “enter your email here” box, he added a video he made himself with a webcam. He introduced himself and he invited his potential customers to contact him personally via his email.

This showed that he was a real person. If you show your face and say your name, they will recognize you in the future. (Here’s “The Know”)

A Free Training Webinar

He even did this when he still didn’t have his own product yet!!! So, he took another person’s product and walked through the use of the entire thing. In this case, his business partner Robert had a great product, “Action Pop-Up”, but he didn’t have any training videos for it and some of the functionalities were not even documented. So Lance put on a free webinar using GotoWebinar showing how to use it, then directed people to his blog and affiliate link.

This accomplished a couple of things. Yes, people bought but it and he made money, but more importantly, it made him seem human. He didn’t have anything planned out, he made a couple of mistakes, he was answering their questions live. They could connect with him. (Here’s “The Like” and “The Trust”).

The Podcast

This also builds a “know, like, and trust.” People can connect with him, they can hear his message, and it’s a fast easy way to get a lot of traffic.

Stitcher and iTunes get massive traffic without a lot of competition in the field.

This is much less tiresome than “playing the Google game”, i.e. trying to get your website listed and ranked. What happens with that? You’re back to square one. If someone doesn’t know you and they find you in Google and see your page, big deal. But, now if they search you and you have a podcast-they can see your face, hear your voice, and you have an opportunity to demonstrate your authority. They can really build a relationship with you.

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